November 6, 2016




Our 2016 pilot online Mathematics tutoring showed children and their parents as willing to participate in online learning. The convenience attached to online learning as learning at home and in the evenings provided an option which did not take away from their child's after-school activities. Overall, this experience inspired us to expand the program for the 2017-2018 school year to include more children in Brooklyn and other boroughs interested and committed to getting additional mathematics help through an online virtual classroom setting. 


This year our program "Mathematics and Culture Online" is inspired from the ethnomathematics field. Ethnomathematics is the study of culture and mathematics. We will tie different cultures from African-American/African Cultures, Asian Cultures, Middle Eastern Cultures, and Native American Cultures alongside Ancient civilization to problem-based learning, number and math talks to teach the following topics on the Common Core Standards: Place Value, Fractions, Decimals, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Measurement, Geometry, and Probability & Data Analysis. 

It is our hope embedding different culture and mathematics together will help children see their mathematical development as

  1. Relevant to their lives and identity;

  2. Interconnected with the lives and identities of other students from different cultural backgrounds; and

  3.  Attainable: anyone can do mathematics. 


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